Choosing the perfect lawn mower for yourself isn’t easy. As technology advances, we notice that there are new types of lawn mowers being released in the market, each model boasting of a superior performance and durability which makes one wonder which lawn mower should they opt for.

As our options increase, so does our confusion and that is why we decided to list down the different types of lawn mowers that are available in the market to make your choice easier.

There are majorly 6 types of lawn mowers available to us:

Cylinder Mowers

This type of lawn mower is similar to a push mower and is ideal for cutting short grass. It usually comes without a motor which makes it sound less and it contains a barrel which has a series of rotating blades which move when you push this mower. It also has a stationary blade at the end so whenever you walk around your lawn with your mower, it will cut all the short grass evenly and make your lawn look cleaner.

Electric Mowers

Electric lawn mowers resemble a rotary or a cylinder mower but it is power by electricity instead. It is not as powerful as a petrol mower but it does a decent job on a small-to-medium sized lawn.

It is cheaper and soundless and many models come with a built-in battery feature which allows you to mow your lawn without worrying about the electric cord.

You just charge the batteries of the electric mower and then cut the grass from your regular sized lawn.

Electric Mowers

Hover Mowers

This type of lawn mower is similar to a rotary mower as it has spinning blades but an impeller above the blades. As the impeller pushes the air downwards, the mower is lifted off the ground and only the blades remain in touch with the grass on the ground. This type of mower is easy to push around and is made of lightweight plastic but is not efficient at cutting grass on a rough or an edgy terrain.

Robotic Mowers

One of the costliest types of lawn mower is the robotic mower which is a self-mowing unit and is an ideal option for those people who don’t have time to mow their own lawn. A robotic mower mows inside the border wire that you would put around your lawn and will sense this wire as it mows the land. When it comes in touch with the border wire, it would retreat and continue working on the inside area of this wire.

Robotic Mowers

Rotary Mowers

This is the best type of lawn mower for people who have an overgrown garden or would like a mower which mows the lawn quickly and efficiently. This type of mower has a horizontal blade on the bottom side which cuts the grass when it is pushed around. This type of mowers are quite powerful and can cut a large lawn easily and swiftly in considerably less time.

Petrol Mowers

One of the strongest types of lawn mowers is the petrol mower which uses petrol to turn its blades to cut the grass. It is heavier than other mowers but still the most widely used lawn mower because it can cut the grass from a large lawn quickly and efficiently.

Petrol Mowers

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