Get your brand or product in front of our thousands of monthly readers on Daily Gardening Tips! We offer many packages to advertise on this site, as per your needs. We mainly focus on Outdoor, Garden, a Home category so if your brand or product fits these criteria, we will be so happy to start working with you.

Display Ads

If you want to choose banner/posters to promote your brand on our site. We charge a minimum of $5 CPM as per the fixed size that won’t be dependent on whether our reader is on mobile or web platform.

Native Content

We can do the brand awareness campaign, or promote your product by just sponsoring a single post. If you want to send us the draft article we accept that but if you want our writers to write for you as per your requirements. We can get that also with a small charge for our writer’s work.

Branded Article Series

If your company wants to get associated with us for the long term. They can either choose the particular category and sponsor all the post that fall into that particular category by taking the partnership opportunities from us.

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