Not only that they enrich the flavor of your meals, spices and herbs also provide with numerous health benefits.

Here we present you 7 beneficial herbs which you can grow at home.

These herbs are excellent antioxidants and along with their anti-inflammatory properties, they can fight a number of diseases, from halitosis to Alzheimer’s. Another benefit of growing herbs at home is also a cost- effective practice, since you will no longer need to spend money on store-bought herbs and spices. 

Here is some specific information on several herbs that grow well indoors:

  1. Cilantro – body cleanser, improves heart health, regulates blood-sugar, antioxidants, antibacterial, and antifungal.
  2. Chives – lowers cholesterol and blood pressure levels.
  3. Mint – body cleanser, stimulates weight loss and digestion, anti-cancer, antibacterial, and whitens teeth.
  4. Basil – antibacterial, anti-stress, efficient against colds and infections, relieves throat and mucus.
  5. Parsley – antibacterial, stimulates digestion, anti-inflammatory, stops bladder infection
  6. Ginger – stimulates digestion and cardiovascular health, anti-inflammatory, prevents cold and flu.
  7. Lemon balm – antibacterial, prevents colds and fevers, anti-anxiety, fights insomnia and indigestion.

Herbs do need sunlight and warmth, so your first step is to check around your home for available window ledges, countertops or shelves that get plenty of exposure to the sun. Most culinary herbs prefer at least six hours of sunlight a day. Others can thrive even in shadier conditions, but basil is the one that needs most sun.

Now choose pots that fit your location and your space. You can either use a variety of individual pots or group the plants together in a long, rectangular planter. Be creative in sizes and colors, but be careful that your pots either already have drainage holes or that you can add drainage holes. In order to stay healthy, most herbs do need to drain well. Place saucers under your pots as needed.

Stay tuned for Daily Gardening Tips, for more helpful tips.